Bentley Suffolks

The Bentley Flock continues to evolve and by utilising breeding technologies such as Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfer, CT and Ultrasound scanning and Signet performance recording, we continue to breed sheep fit for both the commercial and pedigree industries. Therefore the Bentley Suffolk flock has naturally split into two distinct sub flocks based.

Bentley Suffolk Ram Lambs are still produced on our traditional system. They are born in January and turned out as soon as the weather allows. Although based on a forage diet, they are supplemented with concentrates to maximise growth and ensure that they are fit for work in their first year. Performance recording and an element of NZ genetics is integral to this flock, but a classic breed type is also maintained. We believe that Bentley Suffolk Ram Lambs are ideal for both Pedigree and Commercial farms.

Due to the industry focus moving more and more towards the better utilisation of forage, we felt our breeding programme needed to compliment that. Therefore the Bentley Suffolk Shearling Rams are produced in a separate flock. This flock lambs in March/April and both ewes and lambs are reared from forage alone. Improved grassland and rotational grazing has allowed for excellent performance to be achieved on this system. Rams are then wintered on forage crops and brought ready for sale at around 16 months old. The Bentley Suffolk Shearling Rams are predominantly sold from farm, having received little (due to poor weather) or no concentrate feed.

We continue to learn and develop and we welcome any visitors to come and look around our systems at Bentley Suffolks.