Comments from some of the people using Bentley rams. We are hugely grateful to everyone who has supported us:

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“We have been using Bentley Suffolk rams for over 50 years!

We enjoy buying direct from the farm as we always have a great selection to look through. The Bentley Suffolk sired lambs continue to grade very well

P & J Evans & Sons

“Lambing outdoors, the traits I like most about the Bentley Suffolk rams are, survivability of the lambs, the ease of lambing and how quick they get up and suck! Bentley Suffolk sired lambs stood up to the The Beast from East in 2018 better than the Lleyn’s & Easycare’s. We only assisted one single at lambing & never helped a lamb suckle, unlike traditional dopey Suffolk’s.

We wouldn’t entertain anything else for an outdoor lambing TerminalSire

Tom Hall

2 week old Bentley Suffolk sired lambs on Llyen ewe
8 week old Bentley Suffolk sired lambs on Mule ewe
12 week old Bentley Suffolk sired lambs, 40kg on grass & milk only!

“One of the main reasons we use Bentley Suffolk rams is their long dedication to performance recording. Their high maternal figures are a great benefit when both selling our Suffolk X Mule shearlings, but more directly when retaining our own Suffolk X Mule shearling ewes.

The terminal traits also shine through, as we are able to finish approx. 90% of the wether lambs on grass alone

George Eaton

“The Aberblack rams have really helped to improve our grading out of our Highlander ewes. Alongside that we are also able to finish lambs quicker compared to our previous terminal sire.

The Aberblack rams do look after themselves and are lasting very well!”

Glen Chapman, Harnage Estate

“Matt picked 2 Aberblack rams for us and so far we are very pleased. The 2 rams covered 230 ewes, with an excellent scan. The rams held condition well and have carried on growing since.

The lambs were all born outdoors and lambed very easily. The Aberblack sired lambs showed good survivability and are thriving now

John Olphert

“I went up to the lambing field in the snow this morning and the Aberblack lambs are up and sucked, can’t ask for more!”

Robert Bowen

“We have been solely buying Bentley rams for over 10 years now. They are Top EBV rams capable of covering high numbers of ewes and giving a tight lambing. The lambs that the Bentley rams are producing are fast growing and they are grading very well.”

Recorden Farms